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OR & Oxfam: optimising donation bank collections (write up and video now available) #ORblog

Many thanks to Tom Cherrett for a great presentation on his work with Oxfam illustrating the application of remote monitoring technology and optimisation techniques to collect donations more efficiently.

To view the full presentation please visit:

Below is a full write up from the event (by Nigel Cummings)

OR and Oxfam (The OR Society: Joint Third Sector SIG, SORG and CORMSIS Event)
A recent presentation given by Tom Cherrett, Associate Professor, Logistics and Transport Planning, Southampton University, illustrated the application of remote monitoring technology and optimisation techniques to collect donations more efficiently.

Many shops around the country have “food banks” where shoppers can deposit unwanted non-perishable items possibly bought in a BOGOF deal. Charity shops also often receive items that they cannot sell but are perhaps too good to throw away. Oxfam recognised that collecting these items accounts for something lik…

#ProBonoOR is recruiting volunteer(s) for British Lung Foundation project #ORblog

Pro Bono O.R. is currently recruiting volunteer(s) for a project with British Lung Foundation. Please take a look and read the project scope to see if you would be able to help.  Please get in touch if you require any further information:
British Lung Foundation
Information about the organisation: The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity fighting to help the 1 in 5 people in the UK affected by lung disease.  We support patients, carers and family members through three pillars of activity: research, policy and campaigning, support and services.
Charitable objectives: For the relief of persons suffering from diseases of the chest and lungs and in particular by the promotion of medical research into the prevention, treatment, alleviation and cure of the said diseases and the dissemination of the useful results of such research for the benefit of the public and by the promotion of post graduate training and the creation of fellowships, hospitals, …

Pro Bono O.R. case study published in IFORS news #ORblog

Many thanks to IFORS News who are supporting the Pro Bono O.R. scheme by publishing case studies of projects the scheme has worked on over the last 12 months.

This is the third case study to be published (previous examples can be found in the December 2014 and March 2015 editions).

Thank you to Sarah Culkin who carried out this Pro Bono O.R. project for HARCVS (Harrogate and Rippon Centre for Voluntary Services) which was looking how to provide as much benefit as possible from a new service they had just taken over.  Sarah was able to leave the organisation with a clear strategic view of its roles and activities, something it had never done before.

Click here for the full article which starts on page 11.

Click here for further information on Pro Bono O.R.

One click away from skilled volunteering #ORblog

Skilled volunteering is a fantastic way to use the skills you already have to make a real difference to third sector organisations.

Whether its a few hours or a few days, both the organisation and the volunteers benefit from volunteering.

To see what some of our volunteers have to say please read these two articles written by volunteers who worked with RSPCA and HARCVS:

Volunteer experience article RSPCA
Volunteer experience article HARCVS

To see the who we've worked with and the types of projects we've completed please visit: case studies

Signing up to become a #ProBonoORvolunteer only takes a couple of minutes but could have a long term impact on both yourself and the organisation(s) you work with

Please share and get in touch for further information

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Pro Bono O.R. is skilled volunteering for individuals with operational research/analytical experience.  …

Doing good at doing O.R. #ORblog

As part of Pro Bono O.R. I like to seek feedback from both the volunteers and the organisations to find out how the projects are going.  The scheme has received overwhelmingly positive support since launching in September 2013 and I wanted to take this opportunity to share the latest endorsements.

Thank you to Simon Glenister for the feedback on the #ProBonoOR project carried out for Noise Solution on behalf of The OR Society: 'The commitment shown to the idea of the project was excellent. The volunteer did a really good job of understanding what was required. He produced some excellent work, that looked visually great and has been instrumental in me being able to demonstrate clearly the impacts that we are achieving with Noise Solution'.  
The project case study slide will be posted soon - watch this space!
Two Pro Bono O.R. volunteers started supporting Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) back in 2014, giving independent & expert advice on the commission & use of poverty m…

Pro Bono O.R. is seeking a skilled volunteer for an audience segmentation project with Sense #ProBonoOR #ORblog #Sense

Pro Bono O.R. is currently recruiting volunteers for a project with Sense.  Please take a look and read the project scope to see if you would be able to help.  Please get in touch if you require any further information.

Information about the organisation:

A national charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deafblind or have sensory impairments Charitable objectives: To support and promote the interests of people who are deafblind, multi-sensory-impaired, or who have a single sensory impairment with additional needs.
Project summary:
Project: Audience segmentation: To create an audience segmentation that would look across all Sense supporters as the starting point of a project to deliver a new approach to Supporter Relationship Management.
Time commitment: approx. 5 days over 2-3 months
Location:  London (The volunteer will need to have an initial session at Sense HQ but after that it will be possible to arrange remote access to the data.)
Please read the detai…

Share the good news #ProBonoOR #ORblog

The success of the Pro Bono O.R. scheme has been can be largely attributed to two things, firstly our amazing volunteers and secondly those that endorse the scheme in order to help more organisations hear about the work we do and be able to sign up for support.

Today I would like to thanks NACVA for publishing an article promoting the scheme and HARCVS who have given high praise for the work pro Bono O.R. carried out for them.

To continue the success of this great scheme that is making a real difference to UK based third sector organisations please consider signing up to become a volunteer here as well as telling others about the scheme.  Third sector organisations can benefit from a wide range of operational improvements through Pro Bono O.R., including efficiency improvement, business planning, options appraisal, impact measurement, strategic planning/review, process improvement, data analysis etc.  Whatever the aim, O.R.…

How volunteering will lift your company's performance #ORblog #ProBonoOR

There is increasing evidence to suggest that volunteering is beneficial for the individual volunteering, the receiving organisation/person and the company the volunteer works for.  Work place volunteering schemes are on the rise and this article by Steve Wilkins explains why:

If you and your company want to get involved in skilled volunteering please do get in touch.  The organisations who've already signed up to support the Pro Bono O.R.scheme have been really positive. A designated person within the organisation received emails regarding projects and this is then sent to relevant employees.  Employees can then choose to apply to work on a project either individually, in pairs or as a team.  Mentors are also available.  Some projects are completed purely in 'volunteer days' given by the organisations, others are a mixture between 'volunteer' days and the individuals …

A big thank you to all our volunteers #volunteersweek #ORblog

As we start Volunteers Week I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the Pro Bono O.R. volunteers without whom the Pro Bono O.R. scheme would not be possible.

We have over 300 registered volunteers across the UK, of whom over 100 have applied to work on projects and 54 have completed or are currently working on projects.

Since September 2013, we have completed 18 projects and are currently working on a further 16.

For details of the projects we have worked on please visit: Pro Bono O.R. webpage

Here is what some of the organisations we've worked with have to say:

Springboard The work is already supporting our planning and development for next year and allowing us to focus our thoughts and decisions on the places of most importance for our organisation. It has helped us to come up with new solutions already. (CEO) Crimestoppers We've benefited hugely from your work and support in all areas of the project, and from an organisational perspective you've enabled us to take a highly…