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How volunteering will lift your firms performance

There is increasing evidence to suggest how good skilled volunteering can be for the volunteer and the recipient organisation.

Additionally our feedback has shown a big benefit to organisations that send volunteers to carry out skilled volunteering as part of their CSR initiative.  The best example to date is a team of skilled volunteers who carried out a project with RSPCA.  The team were from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (part of GORS - The Government Operations Research Service).  You can read about their experience here

The article below from Cranfield Trust explains further how volunteering can lift you firms performance:

If you work for an organisation that has operational researchers/analytical staff then you could benefit from signing up to Pro Bono O.R.

For other more general skilled volunteering opportunities please visit:
Career Volunteer
Cranfield Trust
Reach Skills

Measuring Impact: recommended resources #ORblog

O.R. in the Third sector Measuring impact: sources of information
There is an enormous amount of material available on this topic. If your project requires impact measurement, outcomes measurement or evaluation, you should first review as much of the material below as you have time for – the charity may well be aware of it, even if you aren’t. CES and NPC, in particular, are well known in the charity world and are partially responsible for the recent increased importance attached to impact measurement and evaluation.
Outcomes, impact, evaluation
Some organisations use these terms interchangeably, some don’t – there is not much consistency. A useful guide to the terminology is produced by the Big Lottery Fund; worth reading if only because you may have been asked to undertake the analysis to support an application for funding to Big Lottery or to another funder that takes a similar approach.…

Skilled O.R. volunteer required for project with Big Issue #ORblog

Pro Bono O.R. – enabling managers to make more effective decisions
Pro Bono O.R. is a scheme run by The OR Society that offers free support to third sector organisations in the UK. 
We are currently recruiting a volunteer to work with Big Issue.  Please find details of the new project below.
Big Issue
Information about the organisation: Main activities of the organisation: Enabling Big Issue vendors to access a wide range of ‘support’ agencies that will help them journey away from homelessness.
Charitable objectives: The relief of poverty with particular reference to the needs of homeless persons.
Other relevant information: Big Issue are seeking to gain further insights into the data that we hold on our supporters which, in turn, we hope leads to further growth again regular committed income (monthly direct debits) and seasonal appeals. The CRM database that we use is ‘Raiser’s Edge’
Project summary: Project: Gaining insight from a CRM database: To analyse supporter data held on a Raiser’s…

Episode 2 of #ORiginals #thisisOR #ORblog

I think this initiative to bring 'outstanding research into everyday language' is a fantastic idea and worth a plug on my blog.

The second instalment of #ORiginals looks at research using mathematics to analyse obesity.

To view the episode and see previous episodes please visit: ORiginals

ORiginals: a YouTube channel about outstanding research in everyday language #ORblog #thisisOR

Check out this blog by Laura McLay which announces the launch of the YouTube channel ORiginals.

The first episode has Laura McLay talking about her research on ambulance routing.

New episodes will be released on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Check it out on YouTube here 

Euro 2015 #ORblog

With the start of Euro 2015 only a few days away have you booked your place?

With over 2000 practitioners and academics attending from all over Europe it promises to be a fantastic event.

EURO2015 is the premier European conference for Operational Research and Management Science (ORMS), organised by the European Association of Operational Research Societies in conjunction with the UK OR Society.

EURO2015 takes place from Sunday 12 - Wednesday 15 July 2015 in the University of Strathclyde and will host streams from all branches of ORMS. EURO2015 is for Consultants, Analysts and Decision Makers – in fact, anyone with a passion for making the ‘real-world’ more effective.

I will be attending the whole event and running a workshop on Wednesday morning at 9am: 'The best thing the OR Society has done in years'.  Come long to find out about Pro Bono O.R., the benefits to volunteering, the stumbling blocks and contribute ideas on how the scheme can improve.

If you w…

Pro Bono O.R. is recruiting a skilled volunteer for a project with Hackney CVS looking at strategic planning #ORblog

Pro Bono O.R. is looking for a skilled volunteer to assist hackney CVS to plan its strategy for 2106 and beyond.
Please find details of a new project below.  
Hackney CVS (Hackney Council for Voluntary Service)
Information about the organisation: Charitable objectives:  We are the umbrella / infrastructure body for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Hackney. As a responsive charity Hackney CVS believes that the voluntary and community sector plays a critical role in tackling poverty and disadvantage by working with key stakeholders to address local inequalities. We strive to challenge oppression and prejudice, to promote diversity and to work towards a society where full equality for all is a reality. Project summary: Project: To develop a new strategic plan for 2016 onwards in the face of a challenging external environment. Time commitment: 4 days Location:  Dalston, Hackney, London E8 2LY (3 days in office, one from home)
Please read the project scope and if you feel you are able t…

Pro Bono O.R. Summer newsletter #ORblog

The OR Society: Pro Bono O.R. (Summer newsletter - Issue 3)
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Promoting Pro Bono O.R. IFOS (International Federation of Operational Research Societies) has been promoting Pro Bono O.R. in its quarterly newsletters.
In March it published a case study carried out with Crimestoppers: ‘Pro Bono O.R. delivers quick response to call centre problem’ which can be found on page 12

In the latest edition it published a case study with HARCVS: ‘Pro Bono O.R. addressing loneliness in rural North Yorkshire' which can be found on page 11

Career Volunteer’s sister company Charity People helped to increase the profile of Pro Bono O.R. by publishing a blogexplaining how Pro Bono O.R. can help third sector organisations in the UK. 

Pro Bono O.R.'s experience with #charityhour #ORblog

Charity Hour write up On Wednesday 15th April #ProBonoOR was invited to participate in #charityhour which takes place every Wednesday from 8-9pm.
Over the course of the hour the #charityhour coordinator, Tahera Mayat, posed these 5 questions to the audience: What role does Pro bono consultancy have to play in the Third Sector?What's your experience of using pro bono consultancy?What tips do you have for others considering using pro bono consultancy?What type of projects benefit most from pro bono consultancy?Big data is a big thing! What tips do you have for getting insights from your data?

There was great discussion and I must say I was following notifications on my phone and computer to keep up with all of the conversations happening.  It was very fast paced but very rewarding and a fantastic experience that I would love to be involved in again.  #charityhour is a great way to get charities talking about things that are important to them and a great place to make new connections.