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Projects with Royal Air Force Museum and Hoxton Health

Pro Bono O.R. – enabling managers to make more effective decisions
Pro Bono O.R. is a scheme operated by The OR Society that places professional analysts in short term projects with third sector organisations in the UK. 
Projects require skilled professionals who work in operational research, analytics or related professions.  If you have the skills required for a project, we’d love to hear from you.
Please find details of two new projects below that we are seeking a volunteer(s) for:
Royal Air Force Museum Information about the organisation: Charitable objectives: To educate and inform the public and members of the Royal Air Force about: The history and traditions of the Royal Air Force andThe role of the Royal Air Force in relation to the armed forces of the realm, other air forces and aviation generally in particular, but not exclusively, by collecting, conserving, preserving, managing, exhibiting and storing documents, items, artefacts and other materials in the…

JEC Professional Services is offering 5 free days consultancy a to 3rd Sector organisation

John Eary, a pro bono O.R. volunteer, set up JEC Professional Services 5 years ago to provide informed, impartial advice on new ways of working. To celebrate this anniversary, and to encourage the take up of new ways of working, he is offering 5 free days of his consultancy time, excluding travel expenses at cost. This offer is open to registered charities and other not-for-profit organisations.

Click this link Free consultancy for New Ways of Working for more information.
Further information about agile working can be read on John's LinkedIn blog

Three new projects requiring YOUR help

With the good news about Pro Bono O.R. spreading and the fantastic outcomes of projects being shared, the request for support is increasing. We currently have three organisations that have requested support.

The projects require the help of professionals who work in operational research, analytics or related professions.

You can find details of all the projects below.  Nb. All projects are suitable for an individual, pair or team of analysts. If you would like to volunteer on a project but are not able to commit to the full time requirement please let me know as it may be possible to pair you up with another analyst. Lastly if you would like to work on a project with the support of a mentor please do specify in your application and I can try to arrange this.

IMARA CIC Information about the organisation: Imara CIC provides early intervention support to a yearly average of 100 new individuals (child victims and their safe family members) after a disclosure of sexual abuse.  Main activiti…

Making a real difference makes it all worthwhile #volunteer #ORblog

I really enjoy managing the Pro Bono O.R. scheme and I see the value in the scheme for the volunteers, the organisations and the volunteers employers.

Everyday is different and rewarding in a different way. Some of the best days are when I receive feedback from the organisations who have received support. Today I got some feedback from the latest project we completed with PiP (Pursuing independent Paths)

The project with PiP was 'Understanding the effectiveness of training and development'. If you missed the case study slide you can view it here.

The feedback given by the Director and Accreditation Worker at PiP really encouraged me and put a smile on my face. It's fantastic to hear the value carrying out a pro bono project can make.

What went well?

"The volunteer grasped the concept of what we needed very quickly after a couple of initial phone conversations. We now have a working tool that is bespoke to our organisation’s needs. Importantly it is a very straigh…

New projects with The National Autistic Society

Pro Bono O.R. – enabling managers to make more effective decisions
The National Autistic Society have requested support for two projects.  Please see the details below:
National Autistic Society Information about the organisation: Providing information, support and pioneering services, and campaign for a better world for people with autism.
Main activities of the organisation:
Project summary: Project 1: Analysis of surveys and “intelligence”: Analysis of existing client data from surveys and social media to build a better understanding of autistic people’s needs. Time commitment: Approx. 5-6 days Location:  London (EC1V 1NG). Some on-site time to agree project requirements and to access current sources of data. Most work can be done off-site. Please read the project scope and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return to me along with your CV by midday on Monday 15th February.