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Analysts volunteer your skills to help good causes

Analysts volunteer your skills to help good causes by completing this quick online form

Once you have completed the form you will receive information about projects that require a volunteer.  It is then up to you to decide if it is a cause you would like to help out with.  It's that easy.

For more information about the scheme please visit

New project with Pro Bono O.R. #volunteer #ThisisOR

Pro Bono O.R. is a scheme operated by The OR Society that connects professional analysts with short term projects in third sector organisations in the UK.

Projects require skilled professionals who work in operational research, analytics or related professions. If you have the skills required for a project, we’d love to hear from you.

Please find details of a new project below that we are seeking a volunteer(s) for.

I am aware that many of the projects are based in London and the South West. This is due to lots of recommendations from successful projects in those areas. Where possible we highlight when projects or parts of projects can be carried out remotely to open up the opportunities to volunteers based around the country.

In order to help us get a better spread of projects around the country if you have contacts with third sector organisations who you think would be interested in receiving support please do pass on my details or email me for further information to pass on.


Volunteer celebration write up

On the 21st June a joint event was held by The OR Society’s Pro Bono O.R. and O.R. in Schools schemes in order to thank all the volunteers involved in both schemes.  We recognise without their support and generous contribution of their time and skills these schemes would not be possible.
Guests gathered and chatted over an initial tea and coffee before The OR Society’s president, Ruth Kaufman officially opened the evening with her welcome speech.  Ruth said there were many possible reasons why people volunteer their time for these schemes including:
Love trying out different O.R. thingsWant to make a difference in the worldWant to spread the word about O.R.Like educating young peopleAdd to the CVMeet new peopleTake on more challengesTo support The OR Society in its mission She added that both of the schemes contribute to The OR Society’s mission of raising the awareness and understanding of O.R.
Felicity McLeister, the Pro Bono O.R. Project Man…

Completed case study: Simplifying selection and improving allocation for Charityworks

Charityworks runs a one-year graduate development programme in the third sector.

The Problem
Charityworks wanted to learn how they could streamline their selection and matching processes to make them more efficient and effective as they scaled the programme up.

The Approach Two Pro Bono O.R. volunteers analysed the contribution of selection components by analysing how the previous years’ results would have changed had they been omitted singly or in combination.

They used data on a selection of best- and worst-performing candidates to assess the predictive power of the different assessment activities

The volunteers recognised the matching candidates to posts as an example of the Assignment Problem and after reviewing the literature decided to approach it using the Hungarian Methgod.

They developed an Excel-based prototype using VBA to produce initial allocations.
The Solution
The volunteers analysed the components of the selection process to show which ones were contributing to whether candidat…

Analysts: volunteer your skills for good causes with Pro Bono O.R.

Pro Bono O.R. is a scheme run by The OR Society that connects volunteer analysts with voluntary sector organisations across the UK to work on short term projects in order to assist them in making operational improvements. The aim of Pro Bono O.R. is to help third sector organisations to do a better job, impacting upon desired outcomes, and build capacity by using the skills of volunteer O.R. analysts and consultants. Types of projects include: data analysis, process improvement, strategic planning, risk analysis, efficiency improvement, decisions making, impact measurement, scheduling and business planning.

Volunteers can work on projects individually or as part of a team (you can apply individually and request to be part of a team). There is also a possibility to work with the support of a mentor. Benefits of volunteering include:

Being involved in the whole project cycleWorking in a different sectorBuilding your CVNew challengesConsultancy skillsTeam buildingLearning new skills…