Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pro Bono O.R. May Update #ProBonoOR

Pro Bono O.R. Update- May 2014

Another busy month for Pro Bono O.R.  Since starting in September 2013 we have had over 40 third sector organisations get in touch, we have completed 5 projects, are currently working with a further 10 and have another 4 about to commence.  Both the volunteers and the organisations have been really positive about the Pro Bono O.R. project.  The organisations have really benefitted from the volunteers expertise and time and the volunteers can practice their skills and gain wider experience amongst other things.

We now have almost 200 registered volunteers, 40 of whom have already worked or are working on projects.

On June 13th Pro Bono O.R. will be running a workshop at #EvolveGtrMcr hosted by GMCVO and in partnership with NCVO.  The workshop will explain how Operational Research can make third sector organisations more effective.

We are really pleased with how the project is going so far.  If you are interested in receiving Pro Bono O.R. support, becoming a volunteer or just want to find out more information, please email felicity.mcleister@theorsociety.com or visit the Pro bono webpage: http://www.theorsociety.com/Pages/Probono/Probono.aspx

If you are not already a member of The OR Society and are interested in joining please visit https://www.theorsociety.com or send an email to carol.smith@theorsociety.com

Additionally you may be interested in becoming a member of our Third Sector Special Interest Group (ORiTS). For more details visit:  https://www.theorsociety.com/Pages/SpecialInterest/ORThirdSector.aspx

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pro Bono O.R. volunteers complete a project with RSPCA

It's been a busy week for Pro Bono O.R. and we have just completed another successful project. A team of volunteers worked with RSPCA who said 'they brought a disciplined approach to this project and really highlighted the data and evidence challenges in this complex social policy area'. 

For more detail about the project please click on the link: http://goo.gl/p2K5Vn

Monday, 19 May 2014

Pro Bono O.R.'s latest success story #probonoOR #charity #theorsociety

Our latest completed project has been with the Disability Law Service.

Faced with funding cuts, but ever growing needs from their beneficiaries, the organisation needed to develop a sustainable set of priorities - and bring the staff with them.

See how Pro Bono O.R. helped:  http://goo.gl/cLVvZq

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pro Bono O.R. is invited to run a workshop at Evolve (Greater Manchester) #GMCVO #NCVO #ProBonoOR

GMCVO has partnered with NCVO to bring Evolve to Greater Manchester.
This one-day conference will focus on how the northern voluntary sector is responding and reacting creatively to current massive political, economic and social changes through practical action, mobilisation and completely new ideas.
The conference welcomes anyone from the voluntary sector, regardless of the size, shape and mission of your organisation, and also people from the public, private and academic sectors who are interested in the voluntary sector.
Whatever your interest in the voluntary sector, there will be something at this event that is relevant to you and your organisation. It will help you look to the future and you will gain relationships, ideas, knowledge, tools and support from a full programme of expert-led workshops.
Speakers include:
• Alex Whinnom – GMCVO
• Sir Stuart Etherington – NCVO
• Professor Michael Parkinson CBE – Liverpool University
• AN Other - TBC
Workshops include:
• How Operational Research can improve your organisation’s decision making – Graham Rand (Lancaster University), Jane Parkin (Independent O.R. Consultant) and Felicity McLeister (Pro Bono O.R. Project Manager)
• Crowdfunding – Anne Strachan, CrowdfundUK
• Health and Care: ensuring the voluntary sector understands where we are going – Nicola Onley, Healthier Together
• Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector – Rob McMillan, Third Sector Research Centre
• How to be innovative: learning from service innovation research – Ian Miles, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research
• Identifying hidden assets in a community – Jez Hall, Shared Future CIC and Muir Bottrill, Asha Project
• Can we make a difference? (campaigning) – Ben Gilchrist, Community Voluntary Action Tameside 
• The good, the bad and the ugly: Community Partner Network – Kim Aumann, Community Partner, Co-Director BoingBoing and Susanne Martikke, Researcher, GMCVO
To book, please follow link below.
Friday, 13 June 2014
Website Link: 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Do you or anyone you know have a bit of spare time to help Third Sector organisations with your O.R./analytical skills? Please share this post

Pro Bono O.R. currently has 21 volunteers involved in projects with Third Sector organisations across the UK.  Of the 5 projects that have been completed we have had very positive feedback from both the organisation and the volunteer.

We currently have over 100 volunteers across the UK but with Pro Bono O.R. gaining more momentum we need more volunteers to be able to take on more projects.  Could you help?

It is a really exciting venture to be a part of and to see how O.R. can really benefit third sector organisation.  
The aim of OR Pro Bono
·         To help third sector organisations to do a better job, impacting upon desired outcomes, and build capacity by using the skills of volunteer O.R. analysts and consultants both established and student.
·         To promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of O.R. across the third sector and to wider audiences.
·         To give O.R. analysts an opportunity to practise in a wider arena and develop their knowledge and skills.
The role of a volunteer:
·         Work with potential users to specify projects;
·         Undertake projects, either individually or in teams;
·         Write up and/or present their work wherever appropriate;
·         Mentor junior volunteers who need help  

Requirements to become of volunteer:
·         Member of The OR Society Or,
·         Studying in HE and with Tutor endorsement for the project? Or,
·         Min 1st degree in O.R. related subject? Or,
·         Practitioner with a track record? Or,
·         The OR Society accreditation? Or,
·         Part of the O.R. Community

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, send an email to felicity.mcleister@theorsociety.com or visit http://www.theorsociety.com/Pages/Probono/Probono.aspx

Please connect with me on LinkedIn (Felicity McLeister) and Twitter (@FMcLeister) for all the latest information.

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