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Looking for pro bono volunteers to work with Rainbow Trust Childrens Charity

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity
Project summary:
Project: To evaluate the impact of special sibling support for brothers and sisters of children who are life-threatened or terminally ill. The volunteer will help shape and define the remit of the evaluation The volunteer will work with the Manchester Sibling Support Worker and National Manager to answer the questions above and produce a report to measure the impact of this 5 year project. This evaluation will be submitted to the Big Lottery Fund as part of a final grant report in March 2018. Time commitment: 10-15 Days over the duration i.e. 2 days a month approximately Location: Manchester (OL8 4QQ) /Leatherhead Surrey (KT22)
Please read projectscope and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to by Friday 11th August.
Information about the organisation:
Charitable objectives: OUR VISION:  One day all terminally ill children and their fam…

Updated useful software list

Simply a signpost to free software, to cater for your every need...

The list is ever-evolving and we would welcome further contributions or to hear about any tools or software you have successfully used in the past. Ideally the software should be free to use. Please email any suggestions to
A big thank you to those who have recently sent in suggestions and made important contributions to the list.
ToolLinkCategoryApache OFBiz chain managementApache Zeppelin visualisationArangoDB DatabaseArcGIS / Mapping softwareAwesome R Data manipulation; Database management; Graphical displays; Machine learning; Bayesian…Bizagi Modeling and animationCassandra…

Pro Bono OR volunteers required for new project with The OR Society

The OR Society
Project summary: Project: The volunteer is required to suggest a risk model of membership renewal. Using data from the existing membership database, the results of previous studies and discussions with staff and members, the main factors of risk may be identified. The output of the study could include: -A list of likely risk factors, and the different personas subject to these risks-Suggestions for extra data to be included on the membership database-Suggestions on how each risk can be mitigated-Some quantification of the size of the risk due to the various factors-Possibly a flow model that could be used to investigate the most effective way of reducing drop-out-Recommendations for a contact strategy to improve renewal. This should account for different risk groups, their preferences and likely success rates, costs and feasibility.
Time commitment: approx. 10-14 days
Location: London or Birmingham for 2-3 initial meetings, followed by working remotely.
Please read projectsco…

OR in the Third Sector SIG are hosting an Impact Measurement session

Involved in, interested in, or intrigued by the third sector?We have an event that may be for you if you’re an O.R professional looking to explore methodology and utilise your professional skills to help the third sector. The event also welcomes anyone from charitable organisations looking to begin, or advance, your journey on impact measurement. We can provide the knowledge and skills to help you develop your own practical understanding of the topics and simplify the decision making process. 
Pro Bono O.R. have teamed up with the economics charity, Pro Bono Economics, and charity think tank and consultancy New Philanthropy Capital, to provide a half day workshop on the topic of Impact Measurement. Impact measurement can differ in perspective, approach and purpose. O.R impact measurement can help an organisation decide what is relevant, efficient and most effective.
Speakers include Mark Graham, Pro Bono Economics, and Rosie McLeod, New Philanthropy Capital, who will be hosting an inter…

Join our third sector committee today!

Third Sector SIGSpecial Interest Groups' activities are directed towards the practical and theoretical development of O.R. and the promotion of wider knowledge and appreciation of O.R. The third sector SIG is looking for a new Chair as well as committee members. Role descriptions are below.

Chair You must be a member to take on the position of Chair. The Chair shall ensure committee meetings are called and held in accordance with the Special Interest Group constitution and consult with committee members to establish and confirm an agenda for each committee meeting. The Chair shall officiate and conduct committee meetings, provide leadership and ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and that the committee complies with its responsibilities. The Chair shall ensure there is sufficient time during the committee meeting to fully discuss agenda items, and ensure that discussion on agenda items is on topic, productive and professional. The Chair shall ensure minutes are co…

A call for volunteers: 'Be a volunteer language editor - be an OR hero'

Here's a little ditty written by Dr James Bleach Dr James Bleach is a Senior Analyst who applies analytical and modelling techniques to generate high quality, objective and robust evidence that informs UK Government policy makers and enables them to make better decisions. In addition to being the Founder and Managing Editor of the ōbex project, James, whose academic background is in Astrophysics, has also been a member of the Editorial Board for the science journal Open Physics since 2003, and a Language Editor for Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics since 2013.

Abstract: Opportunity to support the ōbex project – a free language editing service for operational researchers from non-English speaking regions seeking publication in an English language journal.
Full article: Be a volunteer language editor - be an OR hero
On the 8th September 2016 I was called a hero by a relative stranger who also requested that he have his photograph taken with me - it has to be said, this has not been …

Updated free software/analytical tools available to O.R professionals

As Pro Bono O.R continues to help third sector organisations, our volunteers endlessly solve diverse problems using a range of software and analytical tools. We have compiled an evolving list of software tools which help to solve different types of problem. These tools are useful, not only for those working on our third sector projects, but also for O.R professionals looking to enhance their O.R. toolkit.
These software tools cover a variety of analytical modelling techniques, including: statistical analysis, data mining, system dynamics and forecasting. The list so far includes over 65 tools across a range of areas including:
·Statistical analysis (e.g. PSPP, R) ·Data visualisation (e.g. D3, Gephi, Vizable) ·Geospatial and mapping (e.g. QGIS, GDAL, MapsData) ·Programming languages (e.g. Python, Ruby) ·Databases (e.g. PostGres, SQLlilte, ArangoDB) ·Optimisation (e.g. Pyomo, OpenSolver) ·Simulation (e.g. SimPy, Insight Maker) ·Supply Chain (e.g. OpenBoxes, Odoo)