Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Updated useful software list

Simply a signpost to free software, to cater for your every need...

The list is ever-evolving and we would welcome further contributions or to hear about any tools or software you have successfully used in the past. Ideally the software should be free to use. Please email any suggestions to

A big thank you to those who have recently sent in suggestions and made important contributions to the list.
Tool Link Category
Apache OFBiz supply chain management
Apache Zeppelin Data visualisation
ArangoDB Graph Database
ArcGIS Geospatial / Mapping software
Awesome R Various: Data manipulation; Database management; Graphical displays; Machine learning; Bayesian…
Bizagi Simulation
Blender 3D Modeling and animation
Cassandra Database
ChartsBin Geospatial / Mapping software
CMPL Optimisation
CODAP Data visualisation
D3 Data visualisation
Data Wrapper Data visualisation
DREAM Simulation
Dygraphs Data visualisation
Elements Process Mapping
Exhibit Data visualisation
Flare Data visualisation
Free MS Windows images Operating System
GDAL Geospatial / Mapping software
Gephi Data visualisation
GLPK Optimisation
GNU Octave Programming language
GRASS Geospatial / Mapping software
Gretl Econometrics / Time-Series Analysis
Insight Maker Simulation
Interactive Data Visualizations for the Web Data visualisation
Programming environment
Java Programming language
jORLib Optimisation
Kibana Data visualisation
Leaflet Data visualisation
LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet analysis
ManPy Simulation
Mathics Computer Algebra System
MongoDB Database
Neo4J Graph Database
NetLogo Agent-based simulation
Odoo supply chain management
Open Door Logistics Studio routing & scheduling
Open Refine Data Cleansing
OpenBoxes supply chain management
OpenSolver Optimisation
Openstreetmap Geospatial / Mapping software
Pandas Statistical analysis
PostGis Database (spatial)
PostGres Database
Prefuse Data visualisation
PSPP Statistical analysis
PULP Optimisation
Pyomo Optimisation
PyPy Programming language
Python Programming language
QGIS Geospatial / Mapping software
QuickCode Programming language
R Statistical analysis
Raw Data visualisation
Rstudio Statistical analysis
Ruby Programming language
Ruby on Rails App Builder
Sage Computer Algebra System
SQLlite Database
SimPy Simulation
SymPy Computer Algebra System
TileMill Geospatial / Mapping software
Visualise Free Data visualisation
Vizable Data visualisation
Watchmaker Framework Optimisation 
Xmind Mind mapping
yWorks Graph/Diagram Drawing

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