Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Join our third sector committee today!

Third Sector SIG

Special Interest Groups' activities are directed towards the practical and theoretical development of O.R. and the promotion of wider knowledge and appreciation of O.R.
The third sector SIG is looking for a new Chair as well as committee members. Role descriptions are below.

You must be a member to take on the position of Chair. The Chair shall ensure committee meetings are called and held in accordance with the Special Interest Group constitution and consult with committee members to establish and confirm an agenda for each committee meeting. The Chair shall officiate and conduct committee meetings, provide leadership and ensure committee members are aware of their obligations and that the committee complies with its responsibilities. The Chair shall ensure there is sufficient time during the committee meeting to fully discuss agenda items, and ensure that discussion on agenda items is on topic, productive and professional. The Chair shall ensure minutes are complete and accurate, retained, included and reviewed at the next committee meeting. The Chair shall develop and maintain the vision and strategy for the SIG.
The Chair shall officiate and conduct SIG meetings, ensuring speakers keep to time and working with committee members to facilitate networking among attendees. Following a SIG meeting, the Chair shall write (email) to the speaker(s) to formally thank them for their time and contribution.
Committee Members
Committee members shall provide support for organising SIG meetings by suggesting suitable topics, identifying speakers, sourcing suitable venues and helping to promote the event. It may be appropriate for a member of the committee to be the meeting organiser for a SIG meeting. It will be their responsibility, with the support of the rest of the committee, to book the venue and refreshments, invite and brief the speaker(s), organise publicity, manage attendance registration and provide a brief for the Chair to officiate the meeting. A member of the committee shall volunteer, or be nominated, to provide a full write up of the SIG meeting which will be used for publication in Inside O.R. A summary of the SIG meeting should also be posted on the blog on the Special Interest Group’s page of the OR Society website no later than one week following the SIG meeting.

The committee typically meet three/four times a year (mostly virtually) and the SIG would plan to put on three/four events per year. For further information about Special Interest Groups and the Third Sector SIG, please visit:

The third sector SIG has been running successfully for many years hosting a number of well attended events. If you have an interest in Operational Research and the third sector please get in touch with to find out more. 

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