Thursday, 13 April 2023

Making the most of Employer Champions


Project summary

To ensure the Employer Champion programme is adding value, is cost effective and is the best use of Science Council resources. 

Project description

One of the Science Council’s key roles is to maintain and improve standards and accountability in the science workforce by providing professional registration. Registration is provided in partnership with “Licensed Bodies”: organisations like The OR Society which provide a professional home for scientists. 

Through its “Employer Champions” programme, the Science Council supports large employers to help their scientific staff to navigate the busy landscape of professional membership organisations and the rigorous application process through to professional registration. The Science Council now wants to understand: does its provision meet the needs of employers, how effective is the programme in achieving its aims, and how might it be improved.

The volunteer would be asked to work with the charity to:

- Firm up on what information needs to be collected from the key stakeholders, through interview or survey. Stakeholders include Employer Champions and prospective Employer Champions, Licensed Bodies, and individual ‘Registrant Champions’ (employees who are themselves registered scientists and help others to register)

- Conduct interviews or surveys

- Evaluate the findings and discuss their implications.

The platform used by the Science Council for candidates to apply for registration, the Common Application Process, is itself currently being reviewed as part of a Pro Bono project, and we expect some overlap and liaison between the two projects. 

The volunteer(s) should be experienced in structuring and carrying out interviews/ surveys, and using fairly small amounts of semi-structured data to develop robust, valid conclusions.

How will this project benefit the organisation?

The professional registration programme is one of the most important components of the Science Council charitable objectives and public benefit, and building the number of registrants is a crucial part of its mission. Because of this, the business model of the Science Council is dependent on numbers of registrants, so maintaining registration levels is key to sustainability. The Employer Champion programme is one of the more resource-intensive ways of attracting registrants, so understanding how cost-effective it is and whether this can be improved will be of enormous importance not just in improving efficiencies but also in helping achieve the overall goal. 




This may be a project that will suit two or more volunteers working as a team, though it can also be undertaken by an individual.

Desired project start date

The client would like the work to be run in parallel with the project on the CAP, so that any findings can be coordinated. This means starting as early as possible.

Desired project completion date

June/July 2023

If you are interested but not able to comply with these dates, please get in touch anyway to discuss options.


If you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to by Monday 1 May 2023.

The OR Society fully supports equal opportunities.

Information about the organisation

For further information about the Science Council, please visit

Information about Pro Bono OR

For further information about the Pro Bono OR scheme, please visit:  or email

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Making the most of Employer Champions

  Project summary To ensure the Employer Champion programme is adding value, is cost effective and is the best use of Science Council resour...