Monday, 3 November 2014

What are the pitfalls and issues for Pro Bono O.R. consultants - and how can we avoid them?

Ruth Kaufman ran a workshop at OR56 (The OR's Society's annual conference) titled -

Doing well at doing good: What makes a Pro Bono project successful

The purpose of the workshop was twofold:

1)  The Third Sector - including charities, social enterprises, mutual and indeed any 
organisations that are not part of the private or state sectors - is Different. And doing 
O.R. as a volunteer rather than as a paid person or student is also Different. But does 

that mean that you need to approach the project differently?

2) This workshop brought together people interested in how to make pro bono projects 
run smoothly, to share experiences on the pitfalls and opportunities of Pro Bono O.R.

These were the outputs: 
  • Identified and prioritised those factors that need to be right if a project is to be successful 
  • Identified key issues for pro bono practitioners related to those factors 
  • Identified other issues that pro bono practitioners must bear in mind 
  • Identified some ‘wish-list’ items that would help pro bono practitioners. 
To read the write up please click here

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