Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pro Bono O.R. is here to help you!

Do any of these statements sound familiar:

  • We have lots of different options for the future but it’s impossible to decide which to choose in such uncertain times.

  • We’re under huge pressure to do more with less, and we don’t know how we’re going to do it.

  • It’s hard to stay objective when we’re faced with such emotionally charged decisions.

  • We know we’re doing a good job – but how can we prove it?

If your answer was yes and you are a UK based, third sector organisation then get in touch to find out Pro Bono O.R. (a free consultancy service) could address these issues.

The OR Society launched its Pro Bono O.R. initiative for UK based third sector organisations in September 2013. The society wants more organisations to benefit from operational research and recognises that third sector organisations have an even greater need to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

No matter what size or at what stage your organisation is, no matter what kind of decision, problem, or opportunity you face, there’s probably a way for Pro Bono O.R. to help.

O.R. is about finding ways to apply analytical methods to make better decisions. Third Sector organisations face extremely complex decisions about the direction they should take and how to allocate scarce resources.  

To find out more and to request Pro Bono O.R. support please Pro Bono O.R. or email

Additionally if you would like to volunteer you time to work on projects then please do get in touch.

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