Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pro Bono O.R. provides free consultancy to help CIC evaluate the impact of their antenatal classes #ORblog #ThisisOR

Pro Bono O.R. provides free consultancy to help CIC evaluate the impact of their antenatal classes.

Parentskool requested Pro Bono O.R. support to analyse and evaluate the impact from their antenatal classes on first time parents across various factors: by socio-demographics and other cross analysis to produce an independent evaluation of their outcomes.

Parentskool’s vision is for every parent to be informed, prepared and confident in their ability to care for their baby. Their mission is to provide realistic, fun and confidence-building antenatal courses, and other products and services, that supports their vision to inform and prepare parents-to-be, resulting in more confident, healthier and happier parents and babies.

A volunteer analyst was matched to the CIC who carried out data entry for approximately 300 post course survey and 60 post-natal surveys using customised VBA forms in Excel.  Results of the surveys demonstrated that social-impact targets and values were being met by Parentskool, who were then able to show these findings to fundraisers.  Additionally they now have a system for data entry which automatically produces high level results to use going forward.

CEO of Parentskool: ‘This work has made a huge difference as it means we have instant outcomes data which we can use in fundraising and talking to commissioners.’

 The OR Society launched its Pro Bono O.R. initiative for UK based third sector organisations in September 2013. The society wants more organisations to benefit from operational research and recognises that third sector organisations have an even greater need to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The purpose of O.R. is to enable managers to make more effective decisions.  Organisations may seek a very wide range of operational improvements - for example, greater efficiency, better customer service, higher quality or lower cost. No matter what size or at what stage your organisation is, no matter what kind of decision, problem, or opportunity you face, O.R. can offer the flexibility and adaptability to provide objective help.

These are some of the issues the organisations we’ve worked with have faced:
·         ‘We have lots of different options for the future but it’s impossible to decide which to choose in such uncertain times.’
·          ‘We’re under huge pressure to do more with less, and we don’t know how we’re going to do it.’
·          ‘It’s hard to stay objective when we’re faced with such emotionally charged decisions.’
·          ‘We know we’re doing a good job – but how can we prove it?’

For further information about how Pro Bono O.R. could help your organisation please contact Felicity McLeister or visit the Pro Bono O.R. webpage.


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