Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How volunteering will lift your company's performance #ORblog #ProBonoOR

There is increasing evidence to suggest that volunteering is beneficial for the individual volunteering, the receiving organisation/person and the company the volunteer works for.  Work place volunteering schemes are on the rise and this article by Steve Wilkins explains why:

If you and your company want to get involved in skilled volunteering please do get in touch.  The organisations who've already signed up to support the Pro Bono O.R.scheme have been really positive. A designated person within the organisation received emails regarding projects and this is then sent to relevant employees.  Employees can then choose to apply to work on a project either individually, in pairs or as a team.  Mentors are also available.  Some projects are completed purely in 'volunteer days' given by the organisations, others are a mixture between 'volunteer' days and the individuals own time.

Even if your organisation does not have an employee volunteering program I would still appreciate it if you could promote the scheme to relevant employees who could then sign up individually as volunteers and can then carry out projects in their own time.

To find out more about the scheme please visit the webpage
To sign up as a volunteer please complete the volunteer details form
To get in touch please email or call 0121 233 9300

Additionally I am happy to visit your organisation to give a talk to interested employees or answer any questions.  For further information please get in touch.

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