Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Understanding effectiveness of training & development #ProBonoOR project

The latest Pro Bono O.R. project was carried out by an individual volunteer analyst with PiP (Pursuing Independent Pathways).  PiP is a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to achive thie potential.

PiP had begun to collect lots of data on the effectiveness of training and development interventions but did not have an easy way to aggregate and analyse that data to understand the overall effectiveness.

The volunteer analyst spent 8 days over a number of months supporting the charity.  The approach he took is outlined in the slide below.  The end result was that PiP was left with an automated analysis tool to aid review of the effectiveness of training and development interventions.

The volunteer felt extremely valued by the organisation and found the project very fulfilling.  
PiP said they were 'thrilled with the analysis tool' and that 'it had already helped make sense of the data'.

To read more case studies, to find out more about Pro Bono O.R., to register for support or to sign up as a volunteer, please visit Pro Bono O.R.

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