Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Making a real difference makes it all worthwhile #volunteer #ORblog

I really enjoy managing the Pro Bono O.R. scheme and I see the value in the scheme for the volunteers, the organisations and the volunteers employers.

Everyday is different and rewarding in a different way. Some of the best days are when I receive feedback from the organisations who have received support. Today I got some feedback from the latest project we completed with PiP (Pursuing independent Paths)

The project with PiP was 'Understanding the effectiveness of training and development'. If you missed the case study slide you can view it here.

The feedback given by the Director and Accreditation Worker at PiP really encouraged me and put a smile on my face. It's fantastic to hear the value carrying out a pro bono project can make.

What went well?

"The volunteer grasped the concept of what we needed very quickly after a couple of initial phone conversations. We now have a working tool that is bespoke to our organisation’s needs. Importantly it is a very straightforward tool to use and user friendly for those with little Excel knowledge. We have already begun using this tool in live review meetings and grant applications."

What difference will this make to your organisation?

"We have a tool that allows us to measure student progress (individual or group) in quantifiable terms over the course of a year and present this information visually in a variety of graphs. Crucially, it also measures status quo, which is crucial to our beneficiaries and service.

Previously we have been relying on qualitative data such as verbal feedback or written observations.

This in turn is a way of monitoring and evaluating the organisations’ effectiveness in achieving three of our core outcomes.

We can present this data for students, parents and carers, and donors to see if they are achieving goals, internally for monitoring goal appropriateness and consistency, and externally in grant or commission applications and project monitoring."

Any final thoughts?

"THANK YOU SO MUCH - great match of your skills and our need. Staff awareness, and ownership of, impact and quality has increased as a result of this project."

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