Monday, 10 October 2016

Free software software/tools available to O.R./analytical professionals

A variety of analytical and modelling techniques have been used for Pro Bono O.R. projects so far, including:
·       discrete event simulation,
·       statistical analysis/data mining,
·       forecasting,
·       process modelling,

·       system dynamics.

 As a result we have started compiling an evolving list of software / tools which may help to solve different types of problem. These tools could be useful not only for those working on our 3rd sector projects but O.R./analytical professionals looking to develop their all-round “O.R. toolkit”.

The list so far includes 40 tools across a range of areas including:
·         Statistical analysis (e.g. PSPP, R)
·         Data visualisation (e.g. D3, Gephi, Vizable)
·         Geospatial and mapping (e.g. QGIS, GDAL, MapsData)
·         Programming languages (e.g. Python, Ruby)
·         Databases (e.g. PostGres, SQLlilte, ArangoDB)
·         Optimisation (e.g. Pyomo, OpenSolver)
·         Simulation (e.g. SimPy, Insight Maker)

·         Supply Chain (e.g. OpenBoxes, Odoo)

The list is ever-evolving and we would welcome further contributions or to hear about any tools or software you have successfully used in the past. Ideally the software should be free to use. The list can be accessed at
Please email any suggestions to

If you want to find out more about volunteering for a project more information on the scheme is available here

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