Thursday, 3 November 2016

Government OR conference plenary presentation

This week I attended the annual GORS (Governement O.R. Service) conference. It was the biggest conference to date with around 180 delegates attending on both Monday and Tuesday. Four streams were running covering a range of topics and areas of O.R. in practice in Goverment. As the membership body for professionals in Operational Research, The OR Society were there to tell people about the benefits of being a member of the society.

On the second day we also had the opportunity to give a plenary presenation which covered an overview of the Society and its two volunteer programmes (Pro Bono O.R. and O.R. in Schools). During the presenation 2 GORS Pro Bono volunteers gave an overview of thier expeirnce of carrying out a Pro Bono project and an ORiS volunteer described what it was like going into schools to promote maths and O.R.

The full presentation can be found here:

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