Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Are you interested in joining and/or helping set-up an OR Society special interest group exploring ‘Information and Cyber Security?’

Are you looking to share your knowledge of cyber security? Or looking looking to get to know it?

The OR Society are looking to start a new special interest group invested in Information and Cyber Security, and are currently looking to recruit committee roles and SIG followers. 

A call to action from Dan Tilley FORS:

'I (Dan Tilley) have recently joined the cyber security community, having spent 16 years working in the defence community (including aspects of cyber warfare), in a big way. I am looking to help develop the relationship between Operational Research and Cyber Security by helping to set-up and run a  successful special interest group. I have a long history with the Operational Research Society, having helped organise a number of conferences with them and sat on council.'

If you have an interest in cyber or information security, and how we may apply Operational Research in investigating and solving the challenges of cyber security then this is the special interest group for you. We expect to be covering topics such as: Attack types, Vulnerabilities, Analytics, Machine Learning,  and Artificial Intelligence among many others.

For more info please send an expression of interest email to Dan Tilley at

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