Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Volunteer Wanted! New Project with Education United

Education United

Project summary:

Education United is currently looking to design a data gathering and performance management system. The organisation is looking for support in data gathering, performance measurement and management methods, as well as strategic planning and development using data. Data gathering will be the key to success within the organisation as they plan to conduct data from mentors and teachers on in-country placements.

Time commitment4 days
LocationRemote working. Distance collaboration via skype calls and video conference. 

Please read projectscope and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to hope.meadows@theorsociety.com by Friday 19th January.

Information about the organisation:
Main activities of the organisation
-Generate links with schools in developing countries.
-Education United to audit linked schools to assess organisational ability, student attendance, teaching capability and effectiveness.
-Generate database of UK trained teacher volunteers to conduct in-country placement with linked school.
-Reconcile volunteer’s teaching capabilities and experience against the needs of linked schools to identify and target where the most impact can be had. Prepare volunteers for mentoring activities specific to linked school.
-Volunteers to conduct mentoring, coaching and training activities in linked schools to improve teaching outcomes and educational impact for children. Activities to be aligned with individual school needs identified during Education united audit.
-Volunteers to conduct audit during placement to ascertain update on previous data.
-Volunteers maintain distance mentorship one their in-country placement has finished via controlled emailing to continue impact measures.

Education United aims to support teachers in the developing world through mentoring and coaching with UK trained and based teachers. Through in-country placement of UK trained teachers and subsequent distance mentoring, Education United intends to have a sustainable and resilient impact on teacher and school development in the developing world and as a result, improve education for current and future generations of children in those areas.

For further information about Education United please visit http://www.educationunited.co.uk/

For further information about the Pro Bono scheme please visit: http://www.theorsociety.com/Probono   

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