Wednesday, 6 June 2018

New Pro Bono Project with Sabeel-Kairos

Sabeel-Kairos Project

Developing Policies and Procedures to Support Effective Governance

Sabeel-Kairos have identified a need to develop a set of policies and procedures (P&Ps) to ensure and support effective governance. The volunteer would work with the Trustees to agree priority areas based on a gap analysis that has recently been conducted. There is a need to research and identify standards and styles that will be appropriate for a small charity and then to write the initial drafts for approval by the trustees and staff.
Sabeel -Kairos has recently formed due to the merger of Friends of Sabeel UK with Kairos Britain (though the charity’s operating name remains as Friends of Sabeel UK). As such, they are in the early stages of defining their strategic and business plans.
The scope for the project is wide-ranging and could include P&Ps for employment, finance, procurement, IT and data protection. The project would be suitable for a volunteer with experience of governance and/or broad business management expertise such as setting-up systems for new organisations and HR.

Time commitment: 3-5 days

LocationPredominantly remote working, with communications facilitated through skype and/or email.

If you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to by Monday 18th June.

Information about the organisation:
Sabeel-Kairos is a small and energetic UK charity committed to supporting peace and justice in Palestine. They are a network of individuals, organisations and communities of all backgrounds across the UK who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people by promoting and advocating on the messages of Kairos Palestine and Sabeel Jerusalem here in the UK.

For further information about Sabeel-Kairos please visit

For further information about the Pro Bono OR scheme please visit:  or email

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