Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Pro Bono OR Project: Compassion UK

Compassion UK Project

Achieving insights into the effectiveness of Sponsor interactions and identifying opportunities for improving the efficiency

To recommend and develop a performance measurement approach that will enable CUK to quality assure and improve continuously its processes and interactions with sponsors (supporters).
Project description:
Compassion UK wish to achieve insights into the effectiveness of their interactions with sponsors and ways to improve these, as well as identifying opportunities for improving the efficiency of sponsor-focused operational processes. Ideally this project would also aid with the quality assurance of sponsor-oriented processes. 

Project outputs should include:
Recommendations on what CUK should measure and how the associated data could be collected; e.g. definition of KPIs, sources of data, sample sizes, analysis and presentation
Example reporting tool(s); e.g. dashboard
Recommendations for future actions/developments; e.g. process changes, systems opportunities

 To achieve this, it is envisaged that the project will follow the following key stages:
1. Agree Project Definition with CUK Sponsor (Louise Bland)
2. Confirm definition and scope of processes
3. Review existing process measurement and reporting system
4. Review other sponsor feedback data
5. Propose KPIs for sponsor process QA
6. If appropriate, develop example reporting tool(s)
7. Prepare and present report for CUK; final sign-off by sponsor

Time commitment 5 days.
LocationIt is expected that much of the work can be carried out remotely, however, an initial meeting with the CUK project sponsor and the presentation of the final report would ideally be done face to face at CUK's offices in Hampshire, GU51 2UTConversations with CUK staff (e.g. Engagement Centre), and check-in meetings with CUK sponsor can both be carried out online or by phone. 

If you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to amy.hughes@theorsociety.com by 18th April.

The OR Society fully supports equal opportunities. As such, we welcome applications from the partially sighted or blind, or those with disabilities.

Information about the organisation: 
Compassion is a leading children’s charity that aim to empower every child left vulnerable by poverty. Their approach to fighting poverty is highly focused and personal. For 66 years, they have been giving children the opportunity to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings. CUK work in partnership with local churches in developing countries, and link a child in critical need with a caring sponsor in the UK. Each sponsor enables CUK to provide exceptional care for their sponsored child through every stage of their childhood.

For further information about Compassion UK please visit https://www.compassionuk.org or email LouiseB@compassionuk.org

For further information about the Pro Bono OR scheme, please visit:www.theorsociety.com/Probono  or email ProBonoOR@theorsociety.com

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