Monday, 20 February 2023

Charity Excellence Framework: what lies beneath

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Project summary

Critically review a large database and how its data is used, to advise on whether the system, the data aggregation and outputs are doing what is intended, and suggest improvements. 

Project description

The Charity Excellence Framework is a free resource for charities, with around 36,000 charities currently signed up as users. It enables charities to assess themselves on a set of criteria relating to key dimensions of their operations (eg fundraising, governance, communications) in order to help prioritise action for improvement; and it provides links to thousands of free resources that they might wish to use to help them with those actions.  

More information about how this works is here.

The charity self-assessments are held on a database, which currently has 350,000 data points. The primary output is the dashboard for each individual charity, which helps them view their own data. However CEF has a ‘master dashboard’ aggregating all the data and is planning to enable multiple versions of master dashboards that can support policy-makers and umbrella bodies who are responsible for decisions covering the whole charity sector. 

CEF would now like: 

  • A critical review of the system, to see if there are an issues and advise on possible improvements (this is at the level of logic, process and data analytics, not coding). 
  • Advice on how best to aggregate and explain the data so that it provides valid, reliable and useful output that can be safely used by any external organisation. 
  • The volunteer should have the competence to undertake database review and to advise on analytics relating to large volumes of data, and be experienced in designing analytical output that will meet the needs of the end user. 

How will this project benefit the organisation?

The project will either (a) give CEF the confidence that they can make the master dashboard available to all comers without risk of misleading; or (b) demonstrate what changes need to be made before this can happen. 




CEF will be pleased to have however much external expert input is available, whether hours or days or a long-term peer-support commitment. 

This project may benefit from having a mix of volunteers with different experience around systems design and assurance, and analytics. When applying, please indicate what would suit you best, or call us to discuss. 

Desired project start date

Ideally as soon as possible, no firm deadlines.

Desired project completion date

Ideally as soon as possible, no firm deadlines.


If you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to by Monday 6 March 2023.

The OR Society fully supports equal opportunities.

Information about the organisation

For further information about the Charity Excellence Framework, please visit

Information about Pro Bono OR

For further information about the Pro Bono OR scheme, please visit:  or email

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