Monday, 25 November 2013

What do organisations that have already received Pro Bono O.R. have to say?

Below are a few comments from organisations who've received Pro Bono support:

Crimestoppers: ‘We've benefited hugely from your work and support in all areas of the project, and from an organisational perspective you've enabled us to take a highly professional approach to increasing the efficiency of our charity.’ (Performance Manager)

Participle: ‘I have just started to digest the work you did for us and wanted to say a huge thank you.  This will be so critical to our growth and I am very grateful indeed for your time and expertise.  The team have described you as "a joy to work with”.’ (Principle Partner)

The Cardinal Hume Centre “We valued the opportunity to work collaboratively and without doubt benefited from the analyst’s expertise and commitment to the project.” (Operations Director)

We currently have two projects under-way with the RSPCA and Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service and several other enquiries at various stages.  We have 60 volunteers across the UK who are currently available to work on projects.  This puts us in a great position to offer Pro Bono O.R. across the UK.

For more information please see my blog (, twitter (@FMcLeister) or LinkedIn page (Felicity McLeister).

If you are interested in receiving pro bono support, becoming a volunteer or just want to find out more information, please write to quoting ‘OR in the Third Sector’.

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