Monday, 3 February 2014

Pro Bono O.R. update: Find out how the project is going and news on the current projects. Know a UK third sector organisation who could benefit? Please share.

Pro Bono O.R. has been gaining momentum over the last couple of months.  We now have our first completed project, another three currently underway and a further four that are about to commence.  To give you an idea of the type of projects we are doing I have provided a very brief project summary of all the projects.

Summary of Projects:
Work for Us - Completed
Help managers and trustees to build insight into the current situation and to develop a robust strategy [for survival and turnround].
HARVS - Active
To get a robust picture of the costs of running the wellbeing service and of any issues to be addressed in the light of forthcoming funding cuts and contract changes.
RSPCA- Active
Develop a stocks and flows model to illustrate how many dogs are “in the system” and how they move through that system, over their lifetime. 
Springboard- Active
Develop a resource planning tool that can be used to examine different options together with a short report.
Projects that are currently at ‘assigning a volunteer’ stage:
Organisation A:
 (1): Support developing and embedding coherent outcome frameworks across the whole organisation in order to demonstrate impact and effectiveness.
 (2): Support to help the organisation develop a structured and pragmatic approach to applying for funding.
 Organisation B:
The orgnisation requires an expert OR modeler to join an advisory panel to advise on the design of a poverty systems model that can be used to test out different policy options for relieving poverty.
Organisation C:
Facilitate a discussion on future strategy at a meeting of the trustees and senior staff.
Organisation D:
Help the organisation implement an impact measurement framework.

With demand increasing I have recruited new volunteers and now have over 100 volunteers, 70 of whom are currently available to work on projects.
I have also established relationships with organisations such as Reach, Cranfield Trust, Small Charities Coalition and BVSO who are supporting and promoting the project.

If you are interested in receiving Pro Bono O.R. support, becoming a volunteer or just want to find out more information, please write to

If you are not already a member of The OR Society and are interested in joining please visit or send an email to

Additionally you may be interested in becoming a member of our Third Sector Special Interest Group (ORiTS). For more details visit:

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