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Wondering how Pro Bono OR can help? Here is what a few of the organisations who've received support had to say...

What do those who’ve received Pro Bono O.R. have to say…

Wondering how Pro Bono O.R. can help your organisation?  Here is what a few of the organisations who’ve received Pro Bono support had to say:
Work for Us
There is a clearer understanding of people’s roles and funding being applied for as well.  This all makes for a more positive workforce with a clearer understanding of the way forward.
(Project and Communication Manager)
The work is already supporting our planning and development for next year and allowing us to focus our thoughts and decisions on the places of most importance for our organisation. It has helped us to come up with new solutions already.
We’ve benefited hugely from your work and support in all areas of the project, and from an organisational perspective you’ve enabled us to take a highly professional approach to increasing the efficiency of our charity.
(Performance Manager)
I have just started to digest the work you did for us and wanted to say a huge thank you. This will be so critical to our growth and I am very grateful indeed for your time and expertise. The team have described you as "a joy to work with".
(Principle Partner)
The Cardinal Hume Centre
We valued the opportunity to work collaboratively and without doubt benefited from the analyst’s expertise and commitment to the project.
 (Operations Director)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
JRF is an endowed foundation funding UK-wide research and development work. We have begun a major new programme to develop an anti-poverty strategy for the UK – costed, based on the best international evidence and politically-balanced. A fundamental part of this programme is to use and build simulation models of poverty to test out, refine and demonstrate the impact of our strategies. One of the main problems with previous strategies is that they do not demonstrate how policies might achieve the desired targets. Through the use of models, we aim to at least show in theory that the strategies would have an impact. We are very pleased to have gained the expertise of two external operational researchers through the Pro Bono OR scheme, who will be giving JRF and the research teams their independent and expert advice as we commission and use the poverty models in 2014 and 2015.

(Head of Poverty)

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