Monday, 31 March 2014

Pro Bono O.R. Update- March 2014

As another month passes more has been happening with Pro Bono O.R.   We have had a mention in the Charity times as well as being promoted by GMCVO and Cornwall VSF.  We have now completed projects with Springboard, RSPCA, Works for Us and The Disability Law Service.

Here’s what they have to say:

‘There is a clearer understanding of peoples roles and funding being applied for as well.  This all makes for a more positive workforce with    a clearer understanding of the way forward’
Projects and Communications Manager at Works for Us

‘The work is already supporting our planning and development for next year and allowing us to focus our thoughts and decisions on the places of most importance for our organisation’  
                                                                   CEO at Springboard

‘It allows us to move forward with strategy development with a greater insight into the views of all staff and Trustee, and even more crucially for me it has opened the door for future sessions between staff and Trustees as now we have some precedent, and some trust to move forward with’
Chair of Trustees at The Disability Law Service

We are currently working with HARVS, Elfrida Rathbone, Pipeline, JRF and Marie Curie.

We are about to commence projects with Noise Solutions, Morecombe Bay Credit Union and Workers educational Association.

We are really pleased with how the project is going so far.  If you are interested in receiving Pro Bono O.R. support, becoming a volunteer or just want to find out more information, please email or visit:

If you are not already a member of The OR Society and are interested in joining please visit or send an email to

Additionally you may be interested in becoming a member of our Third Sector Special Interest Group (ORiTS). For more details visit:

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