Monday, 23 June 2014

Evolve (GM) 2014: What people had to say

Pro Bono O.R. was invited to deliver a workshop on 'How to improve your organisations decision making'

The workshop was one of the highest attended workshops of the day and had really positive feedback.

Here is what some of those who attended had to say:

‘I came to this workshop as I didn't know what O.R. was, I can say it’s the best workshop I've been to in a long time and I really bought into it’

‘We didn't know O.R. could help until we spoke to you’

‘What you said made a huge impression’

Alex Whinnom (CEO, GMCVO) who hosted the event said 'It was great to see how many people were interested in your session on Operational Research and we would love to have you back in the future for another session'

Please see my blog post from Monday 16th June for the workshop handouts.

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