Monday, 16 June 2014

Evolve (Greater Manchester) GMCVO/NCVO: Evolve workshop handout: How to increase your efficiency and effectiveness

On Friday 13th June GMCVO hosted Evolve Greater Manchester in partnership with NCVO.

This one day conference focused on how the northern voluntary sector is responding and reacting to current massive political, economical and social changes through practical action, mobilisation and completely new ideas.

Pro Bono O.R. was invited to run a workshop which looked at 'How O.R. can help third sector organisations increase there efficiency and effectiveness'.  With the launch of Pro Bono O.R. in September 2013 third sector organisation in the UK can now benefit from free consultancy.

The workshop was run by Graham Rand, Jane Parkin and myself.  It was very well attended, we had very positive feedback and several organisations who wanted to take up the offer of Pro Bono O.R.

To see the workshop handouts please click here

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