Monday, 17 August 2015

Pro Bono O.R. Case Study: Designing an outcomes framework to measure impact #thisisOR

This is the latest Pro Bono O.R. project that two of our volunteers have complete with Elfrida Rathbone Camden.

This and all other case studies can be found on the Pro Bono O.R. webpage.

We had fantastic feedback from the organisation and I would like to say a huge thank you to the two volunteers who worked on this.

Charity Director's feedback:

'The volunteers were diligent and enthusiastic and clearly jointly had the understanding and skills to engage with the task. They had the creativity to work with me to design a workshop involving a range of our stakeholders. I very much enjoyed working with them and their approach. They were very understanding of the restrictions on time and resources for a small charity and worked with us on this.
This framework they produced is immensely important and we will implement it – I am calling on additional trustee support to help this happen. It will hugely assist our “sell” to funders and make clear what ERC as a whole organisation achieves.'

The volunteers also really enjoyed the project and gave some great feedback:

‘The highlight of the project was running a workshop in which a wide range of stakeholders had the opportunity to reach agreement on the most important outcomes for the charity and suggest how to measure them.’

‘I gained practical experience of workshop facilitation, read up on a new area of OR I had an interest in, but little previous practical experience, and I learned more of the challenges facing the third sector.’

‘I learnt a lot about client facing, research, people/ time management etc. from my peer who was amazing throughout the project.’

To find out more about Pro Bono O.R. please visit the Pro Bono O.R. webpage or email me:

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