Monday, 19 September 2016

New process mapping project

Pro Bono O.R. is a scheme operated by The OR Society that places professional analysts in short term projects with third sector organisations in the UK. 

Projects require skilled professionals who work in operational research, analytics or related professions.  If you have the skills required for a project, we’d love to hear from you.
Please find details of a new project below that we are seeking a volunteer(s) for:

Stroke Association
Information about the organisation:
Charitable objectives:
(a) working for the prevention of stroke;
(b) educating the public in all matters concerning stroke;
(c) carrying out, promoting or sponsoring research into the prevention or treatment of stroke or other conditions where the effects are similar to stroke, the rehabilitation and long-term care of stroke survivors and publishing the useful results of such research; and
(d) responding to the needs caused by the effects of stroke, or other conditions where the effects are similar to stroke, by providing advice and support to those affected, their families and carers.
Main activities of the organisation: 
·        Reach out to more stroke survivors, their families, carers and the bereaved, so we can provide continuing information and support to them, aiming to build positive long term relationships.
·        Advocate and work in partnership to build research funding capacity
·        Support the maintenance and growth of long term stroke support groups.
·        Grow new services that provide therapies to aid recovery and quality of life.
·        Advocate for an increase in the UK spend on stroke research in line with comparable conditions.
·        Ensure that stroke survivors receive high quality evidence-based care through a well skilled health and social care workforce across the stroke pathway.
·        Fundraising

Project summary:
Project: Income and Donations Process Re-design Project -  Identifying opportunities for us to redesign our fundraised income and donations handling processes to improve efficiency and data quality
Time commitment: approx. 7 days
Location: Northampton. A mix of onsite and remote working.  The project could also be carried  out at their office in London.
Please read project scope  and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return to me along with your CV by midday on Monday 3rd October.

If you would like to volunteer on a project but are not able to commit to the full time requirement please let me know as it may be possible to pair you up with another analyst.  Lastly if you would like to work on a project as part of a pair or with the support of a mentor please indicate on your application and we can facilitate this. 

I look forward to hearing from you and once again thank you for your help and support.

For further information about the scheme please visit:  

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