Monday, 12 September 2016

Summer adventures and a new Pro Bono O.R. project

After almost 4 weeks out of the office I am now back in full swing after what my son describes as a 'disastrous adventure' of a summer holiday! The photo above was taken on our way up to Scotland, the car was so full you can't even see the kids in the back! Some of the memorable moments include a collapsed and flooded tent on day one, gale force winds and pouring rain and by day 8 a completely destroyed tent....but also some stunning beaches, great wildlife and camp fires on the beach. It will certainly be a holiday our family will not forget in the West Highlands of Scotland.....and I'm pretty sure we'll be back!

I have a new project that we are currently looking for volunteers for.  I have provided a brief summary and then provided a link to the detailed project scope.  

Age UK (Herts)
Information about the organisation:
Charitable objectives:
To promote the wellbeing of all older people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
Main activities of the organisation: 
Active Ageing: lunch clubs, health & wellbeing centres and Healthwise sessions (500-600 people supported p.w.).
Information and Advice: telephone support (34,000 calls in 2015), community support, digital inclusion training and support to complete benefit forms & lasting power of attorney forms.
Community support: visiting scheme (350 people p.w.), telephone club (180 people p.w.) and a telephone emotional helpline for older people and carers (158 people p.c.m.) and a cleaning service (1,100 people p.w.).
Project summary:
Project: Development of corporate business plan measures and KPIs: To develop a set of measures that the Charity’s board will use to monitor progress towards our strategic objectives.
Time commitment: approx. 3 days
Location: Hertfordshire. The majority of this project can be carried out REMOTELY however, at least 1 visit to the organisation’s head office to deliver a short presentation/summary to the Trustees will be required.

Please read project scope  and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return to me along with your CV by midday on Monday 26th September.

If you would like to volunteer on a project but are not able to commit to the full time requirement please let me know as it may be possible to pair you up with another analyst.  Lastly if you would like to work on a project as part of a pair or with the support of a mentor please indicate on your application and we can facilitate this. 

For further information about the scheme please visit:

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