Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Pro Bono OR project with BLCF. Help design a measurement framework. Volunteers apply now.

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

Project summary:

BLCF is currently reviewing its approach to capacity building amongst its beneficiaries; a sub-committee has been created to help support and develop this. A volunteer is needed to help refine a new strategy, possibly using a model such as Theory of Change. This will be the onset to designing a measurement framework based on old approaches and new sustainable measurement approaches. BLCF use Salesforce as its CRM, this may be utilised to automate data collection.

Time commitment: 4-7 days
Location: Cardington, Bedford, MK44 3SX
Please read projectscope and if you feel you are able to offer your assistance please complete the application form and return along with your CV to by Tuesday 27th February.   

Information about the organisation:

Main activities of the organisation
BLCF focuses on providing accessible grant making based on a deep understanding of community needs and an effective service for donors.
The mission of BLCF is ‘to build partnerships which effectively connect donors with community projects through efficient grant making and philanthropy in order to strengthen the communities in Luton and Bedfordshire.’ With this in mind, BLCF are seeking to maximise results and efficiency of grant making programmes.
As well as grant making services, BLCF also serves as a philanthropic advisor, offering information and advice which helps donors achieve their objectives. This ties in with BLCF’s position as a community leader, stimulating community dialogue and decision making that helps define common goals and solve crucial problems.

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